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Blue Goose of Detroit has invited Family Crisis Center of Washtenaw to Dearborn Inn for their 2022 Holiday Season Luncheon, where you find character, charity, and fellowship among the fraternal organization of individuals who work in the insurance related industry.

                                                                          2023 CAMPAIGN

                                               "HAVE AN EAR TO HEAR AND THE HEART TO TAKE ACTION"

Many of us adapted during the Covid 19 pandemic. Six- foot distancing in public places, masking, vaccinating, covid testing, virtual education, virtual medical appointments, virtual business meetings, virtual family time just to name a few ways we adapted as a society. After years of mental health wellness presence in our community we continue to strive to meet the needs within our community as a crisis center non-profit. Family Crisis Center of Washtenaw works hand in hand with other organization in Washtenaw County. We saw changes over the years through all of us working together to educate and impact the “stigma” surrounding mental health. As suicide numbers continued to spike within our community, and more of an increase in particular groups of people, our non-profit and others within our community work together to have a common message and share our resources to collect data and best practices in suicide prevention. One of the biggest challenges discussed is, how do you impact and get education into the homes of our community? Some people do not travel beyond their own neighborhood, others do not have a social opportunity that promotes mental health wellness, a child may be exposed at school, but what happens when they get back home, some schools are virtual. At one point we would take our information to community events and share as much as we could with those present. We did after school programs for youth to provide them with a time to exhale and build trusted adult relationships within the community. Through these efforts we discovered more of what contributed to their challenges not just in their community but their own home. How do you reach them? It was suggested, neighborhood mobile units stocked with common needed items, education materials, with teams who could address the mental health needs in each neighborhood, moving neighborhood to neighborhood. Family Crisis Center of Washtenaw teamed with RUOK?. RUOK? Is a non-profit founded by David Anthony Weatherly, (Tony Weatherly) a retired pastor in our community? RUOK? offered a phone application that provided mental health wellness information and resources at their fingertips. We attended events and did afterschool programs to support, educate and provide resources to our community. Unfortunately, Tony Weatherly passed., RUOK? merged with Family Crisis Center of Washtenaw. In memorial to his dedication to mental health wellness in our community, Family Crisis Center of Washtenaw is seeking approval to place a bench at the Ypsilanti Library courtyard. Along with the bench a QR that accesses the application with Washtenaw County mental Health resources and mental health wellness educational information. To take this idea further we would like to promote six-foot bench with a logo “Have an Ear to Hear and the Heart to Take Action” campaign that would encourage a sponsored bench with QR (Quick Response) app in neighborhoods in our community. Neighborhoods that have free lending libraries which are identified and registered and available on a downloaded map would have an opportunity to join the campaign by providing a six-foot-long bench identified as a safe place with the logo “Have an Ear to Hear and a Heart to Take Action” and a QR (Quick Response) to scan that provides mental health wellness education and resources within our county to the individual scanning QR (Quick Response). As the campaign progresses other community neighborhoods will have the same opportunity to participate. Folks who live in neighborhoods would have the opportunity to identify their needs within their community and rally to provide this information to their neighborhood. Summer pool areas could adopt a bench and provide the QR at each location. Locations like this attract youth and families that would have access mental health wellness information and resources. Local college and university students who may not be familiar would benefit tremendously with quick access to mental health wellness information and support within the county.

Welcome to the Mental Health Wellness Canopy, where our community can gather education, information, and resources to accommodate their journey to mental health wellness.

Family Crisis Center of Washtenaw is sponsoring the “Canopy” to participate at community events we are invited to within the Washtenaw County area. We will set up a 10x10 foot canopy or a table (dependent on the space available at the event). We will provide educational materials to the community and build relationships for further resources within the community.

Washtenaw Alive Coalition participants are encouraged to provide information and resources that will assist the community with suicide prevention, mental health wellness.

Many other organizations have planned community events, festivals, concerts and welcome the public to enjoy what they have to offer. Family Crisis Center of Washtenaw is willing to set up our canopy at each event we are invited to and share mental health information and resources with the community.

If you have further questions or would like to participate call Kathy or Edwina at Family Crisis Center of Washtenaw at 734-660-7059. Send us an email or Or, visit our website at

We are located at 2385 S. Huron Pkwy. Ste. 2N, Ann Arbor, MI 48104

If you are interested in supporting the "Canopy" through your donations please send donations to Family Crisis Center of Washtenaw 2385 S. Huron Pkwy., Ste. 2N, Ann Arbor, MI 48104. Thus far, we have a donated vehicle, tables, portable sound system, and canopy. We would like to offer giveaways with the information we are sharing with the community. Anyone willing to donate funds for fuel for the vehicle used at each event will be helping us continue this program

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