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Family Crisis Center of Washtenaw is excited to announce 2023 "Have an ear to hear and the heart to action" campaign. In an effort to reach families with mental health wellness information and education within in their own neighborhood and community. We will offer communities the opportunity to sponsor a bench where they will see a QR that can be scanned to be connected to mental health wellness resources and information within their county. The QR scan will  direct them to the link where the information is available. Family Crisis Center of Washtenaw will keep information current for the community.

Family Crisis Center of Washtenaw has been in a team effort for years with RUOK and look forward to taking their mission a step forward in 2023.

Department of Public Health held a Town Hall Meeting Feb. 7th to address the rising trend in suicide in Washtenaw County, the state of Michigan, and the U.S. Questions were addressed by a guest panel of professionals present. Many resources were shared. It was determined questions not answered could be given to the panel to answer and published on the Washtenaw Alive website and another Town Hall Meeting will be scheduled for further information. Family Crisis Center of Washtenaw, CISM, and RU?OK volunteers were present and offered suicide prevention information to the public.

Family Crisis Center of Washtenaw, CISM, RU?OK, Kite provided resources and educational literature at the Ann Arbor Public Schools Counseling Department Outreach Series, Grief and loss : "Supporting our Students".

Featuring: Lisbeth Harcourt, MSW, LMSW-UMHS, Peggy Galimberti, LMSW, ACSW,

Program Director–Ele’s Place, Katie Brickman, LMSW, Program Coordinator–Ele’s

Place, Susan Sefansky, LMSW, ACSW, UMHS Social Worker, Pat Pasick, Ph.D.,

Suzie Staley, Neutral Zone, Jonathan Stern, MSW Ann Arbor Public Schools.

Family Crisis Center of Washtenaw visited The Cove After School Program facilitated by Tony and Linda Weatherly.The Cove is an after school center designed to provide a safe place for young people to hang out and have good clean fun. The Cove is located in the Schooner Cove Resident Activities Center.The Focus After School Program is sponsored by Oxygen Youth and is a community-based partnership with Schooner Cove Apartments, Love Ypsi Association and various community service organizations. Focus serves the residents of Schooner Cove and the Lincoln area community. It is our desire to build a safe community of respectful youth with a positive outlook, as well as help families engage their society in a positive way. Tony is also busy working with suicide prevention RU?OK helping youth help youth.

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